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About Us

Brief About Website Activate 

Website Activate is one of the leading platforms that offers various tools to build a website or to revamp the look of your existing website. At Make a Free we believe that everyone should have the access of building their own website and thus we offer our services to all types of our customers, from freelance web professionals, to the biggest hosting companies along with the online publishers. With the help of our latest and powerful technology we let everyone build an impressive, and professional web presence. So whether you are a budding influencer, entrepreneur, designer, or a restaurant owner don't worry, because we have specialized features for you as well, so that you can create your own website and expand your business.  

Our Services

Now is the time that you create a website that you are proud of.
Make a Free is a place that allows you to touch your dreams by lending you the first hand and helping build a website. Create, design, customize, manage your website the way you want.

Choose from the range of templates
Make a Free offers more than 400+ templates that help you choose the best template for your website. Because we all know more the options are better is the choice.

Image Library
Image library is a place where you can find all the images related to your website. Choose from the wide range of images and just drop it down to its new location.

Reliable Hosting
Make a Free chooses a reliable and secure hosting plan to protect your confidentiality. At Make a Free we also offer a stable network so that your site can run well.

SEO Tools
Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in making your website accessible to a large number of people online. SEO adds keywords in your work so that it gets easy to index.

Domain Name
Your domain name is as important as your 
website name because it is the address that directs to your website with a single click. 
With Make a Free you can either buy or add a custom domain name.

Google Analytics
The primary role of this service is to analyze the experience of different visitors on your site.

Our Additional Service

Along with some of the most important tools offered by Make a Free we also make sure to help you through each step while you build your website. Here are few of the additional services offered by Make a Free.


  • You can get all your queries resolved from our team of experts available 24 X 7. When you start building a website one of our professionals will always be available to help you and provide continuous assistance.


  • We at Make a Free offer the right layout and pictures for your blog, because blog is something that shares the knowledge of your team with the customers. Staying updated with the latest news and trends helps in more traffic on the website.


  • We all know how influential social media is today. From Facebook, Twitter, to Instagram, Make a Free helps you connect on different social media platforms and promotes your website and thus drives traffic automatically.


  • At Make a Free we create websites with high page speed keeping in mind the SEO.